Sagrestano: Intense ruby red color with violet reflections, hints of ripe fruit and spices. The characteristics of sangiovese and alicante are balanced in this pleasant and balanced wine with good acidity combined with a robust body aged in 225l French oak barrique for 6 months and then in stainless steel tanks for 3 months.

Bulizio: The flagship product of Le Palaie is a Bordeaux blend with an intense ruby red color with slight garnet red shades, hints of ripe fruit pleasantly evolving and slight spicy notes, balanced in robust but not aggressive tannins thanks to aging in barriques 225l of French oak for 12 months. Winner of manyinternational awards that have approached it at the "supertuscan" famous wines all over the world.

Small local chickpeas: The chickpeas are a very protein food in addition to the wide range of vitamins and minerals they contain thanks to the abundance of magnesium and folate, it brings benefits to the heart and blood circulation. The presence of unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3) lower the levels of fats in the blood: the so-called "bad cholesterol" and triglycerides, thus preventing degenerative diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis. The chickpea is one of the oldest among the legumes and the variety of small chickpea, more colorful and tasty, comes from the east.

Refined organic durum wheat flour (1 kg): The Rimacinata of ancient hard grains is composed of: durum wheat Senatore Cappelli (50%), Tilmilia, Taganrog, Etrusco. It is used mixing it up to 30% for bread dough, focaccia, pizza and to make fresh egg pasta in equal quantities with soft wheat flour. It gives crunchiness and rustic flavor. The "Senatore Cappelli" type durum wheat is an ancient variety that contains higher percentages compared to the modern grains of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and is very digestible as it is poor in gluten. Tilmilia and taganrog are two other ancient hard grains of high-quality varieties, used in particular for pasta making. The Etruscan is best known under the famous name of "Kamut" also known as Triticum Turanicum.

Spaghetti nido of ancient hard grains: Spaghetti nido semi-integral of only hard ancient biological grains: Senatore Cappelli, Etrusco, Taganrog and many other varieties of ancient hard grains. All types of Floriddia pasta are 100% durum wheat flour, in which a high percentage of wheat germ remained, thanks to the stone grinding with which it was obtained. Floriddia pasta is bronze drawn and dried according to the natural method of slow drying and low temperature.

Panettone Ferretti confectionery with ancient grains: From the experience of the Ferretti di Peccioli confectionery, this panettone with ancient grains is created, which will leave you wordless. Lower than the traditional panettone because of the peculiarity of the flour used, it is a product of the highest confectionery that combines the wisdom of traditional pastry art with the use of refined and organic ingredients to give a unique and unforgettable panettone, like your Christmas.