The "Un Augurio DiVino" event, created and edited by the capable Stefania Tardino supported by Olimpia Bertolucci, both Ais sommelierof the Lucca delegation, ended splendidly yesterday evening on Sunday 17 December 2017.

Guests were welcomed in the tasting room on the panoramic terrace. A warm winter sun was the setting for the tasting of the five wines of the winery combined with tastings following a path which wanted to enhance the characteristics of the wines: salmon crouton for the Rosato, crouton with brie, dried fig and honey for the Viognier, and a platter of Tuscan cold cuts, wild boar, lard and pecorino cheese seasoned for the three red wines Gatta Ci Cova, Sagrestano and Bulizio.

Our wine expert Andrea Secco run the visit to the technical rooms of the winery, illustrating the steps that mark the birth of our wines, the choices made during the various stages of aging.

Between a chat and a glass the day ended at the late twilight: an appointment that will certainly take place again in January.