For the meeting of the Immaculate "La strada dell'Olio, now in its XXIV edition, the historic car club" Garage del Tempo - Costa degli Etruschi "has chosen our Peccioli.

The first part of the day was held in the historic village, where the cars arrived in parade and parked in the two streets of the center that had been specially reserved for these beautiful old ladies on four wheels. The riders were welcomed by the guides of the Peccioliper Foundation who accompanied them during their visit to the Palazzo Pretorio museum collection and to the archaeological museum with its numerous Etruscan finds.

After the visits, the variegated car snake (about thirty, about) went to our cellar where the participants were welcomed on the panoramic terrace for the most classic of bruschetta with the new oil de le Palaie, accompanied by a Rosato glass.

Andrea Secco and Enrico Giacomelli conducted the guests in the underground rooms for a visit to the winery where they told how our wines are born and answered the questions of the most curious. The lunch was organized in the barrique, where the combination of our wines and dishes prepared ad hoc by the Ferretti di Peccioli confectionery has delighted our guests' palates. Three wines for tasting: Gatta Ci Cova, Sagrestano and Bulizio, for a vertical of our reds.

We thank the Municipality of Peccioli and the Peccioliper Foundation who have demonstrated their receptive sensitivity through their impeccable hospitality.
A thank you goes to the club Garage del Tempo for wanting to organize the meeting at our winery, in particular to Alessandro Malek Nayyeri who is a trait d'union.
Finally, thanks to Pasticceria Ferretti, Niccolò and Tommaso for their impeccable service, to our staff and, last but not least, to my wife Giulia for support before and during the event.

See you next time!
Lorenzo Coli