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Our oil in Peccioli


Extra virgin olive oil from the first pressing

Our oil in Peccioli is a first pressing oil, obtained only from olives produced by our olive groves, in the Montecchio and Fabbrica area. Olive trees of the Frantoio, Pendolino, Moraiolo and Leccino varieties. We fight against the flies with traps and pheromones. The olives are totally hand-harvested in boxes at the beginning of the ripening process and daily pressed with a only cold pressure process, without the addition of any chemical additives. With an intense, sweet and delicate flavor, initially spicy it then develops an intense fruity olive scent, Le Palaie extra virgin olive oil has no one level of acidity and is distinguished by the antioxidant properties given on it by a high content of vitamins E, A, K, and D. The oil is bottled on the Le Palaie farm after decanting, without any manipulation or filtration.
olio extra vergine di oliva